Mediale Sinn-Gebilde. Zur (Techno-)Imagination der Wirklichkeit

Today most images are not simply perceived, but technically produced in a way that points back to our own imagination and its constitution. Applying Alexander Schnell’s ‘constructive phenomenology’ the paper reconstructs the creation of our “pictures of reality” (“Wirklichkeitsbilder”) to pin-point a specific moment within the so called “reflexibility” (“Reflexibilität”) of our thinking: Meister Eckhartʼs concept of “trans-formation” (“Überbildung”). This initially mystical concept allows for a media-phenomenological reformulation: through this immanent transformation by and of the subject, the horizon of a new ordering of time-space opens up, in which the formation of meaning takes place polycentrically. The respective centers can be understood as media. Media are technical sense constructions, manifestations of and by a transsubjective power of imagination. Vilém Flusserʼs reflections on ‘techno-images’ and the pursuant ‘techno-imagination’ already point in this direction.

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